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Sponsor the solar energy and earn money for 25 years from the produce electricity!


SUNMONEY Solar Group is an international company group consisting of several entities and brought about by the cooperation of companies that develop and implement the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme.

SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme -
How does it work

The organic business community of the future.

A community reaching out to the multitudes: offering everyone the possibility to enter regardless of wealth and location.

The key to success of the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme is the value generating asset of our community organized on ethical foundations.

Solar Power program

Solar Power, SUNMONEY and the product itself

SUNMONEY is an organic business community and business model, where everyone is a winner using our products, which are value generating assets.

The products of SUNMONEY are related to the solar panels, producing electricity for the world:

  • The demand for electricity is growing by the day
  • Future oriented, unremitting development of the area
  • In the modern world nobody is able to live without electricity, neither individuals, nor companies and institutions

You can help to share

The rights attached to solar cells have the unparalleled ability to generate real passive income for the participants of the programme.

Global sharing
Price of electricity
Electricity usage

Community Solar

Catering for the electricity demand of the world is no small challenge, and mankind will have to confront processes with terrifying consequences if it will not shift radically to renewable energy sources. SUNMONEY wishes to participate in this very process.

SunMoney packages

In our global community solar power programme, anybody can buy a solar package for as little as €2.

The value produced by your solarl package is connected to the rights of the solar panels owned by SUNMONEY Solar Group and its partners. The revenue from the sales of electricity produced by our power plants, will be proportionally distributed each month within the community in accordance with the rules of the community solar power programme.

The business model and compensation plan was drafted with fair money distribution in view, so the participants of the SUNMONEYCommunity Solar Power Programme benefit proportionally from the results achieved by the community solar power programme.

How could it grow?

Build your own community


The real drivers of community growth are the people building it, and in an unprecedented manner they receive income from the solar packages owned by people who have joined their community. It is important to note that any participant can also be the builder of a community, meaning that money is generated not only by his/her own solar package, but also those owned by members of his/her community.

Solar package

Solar package

Entitlement to a 25 year Solar Royalty. It provides steady income for 25 years.

Community package

Entitlement to a 25 year Solar Royalty. It provides steady income for 25 years. It gives you entitlement to Direct Fee, First Connection Bonus, Community Builder Fee and Community Solar Fee.

So what’s in it for me?

Passive income for a quarter of a century, while protecting the environment and ensuring green energy for others too.
In other words, as long as the sun keeps shining, you are sure to make money.

Our offer is for you if you:

  • Have been enticed by quick get rich schemes many times, but they turned out to be empty promises
  • Work at least 8 hours a day to achieve other peoples’ goals, you have no savings with which to sustain yourself in an unexpected life situation
  • You wish to increase your financial security
  • Would like to join a community in which you can make money ethically to ensure a future for your children and your family
  • Can identify with the concept that everyone should do something for the environment, and have a dream about a better and greener world

What can you lose?

  • Nothing. Really. You are sure to gain, as your solar package you buy will bring back your money manifold
  • You need to build your community only once, then the solar packages accumulated in it will produce money for 25 years for you and your community as well
  • The members of the community spend 20% of their community commission on new purchases continuously, resulting in an evergrowing community
  • The growth of the community does not solely depends on new purchases. The community develops organically

Why should you choose the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme?

  • Low initial costs, insignificant risk
  • Secure income, your expenses will be turned into income, no mandatory monthly activity
  • Ideal anywhere, anytime, in any life situation and can even be done while having a job
  • Freedom and flexibility. Financial independence
  • You have the option to invite your new partners into the community from anywhere in the world, and your team will work for you and each other
  • You are your own boss.
  • Free, turnkey success programs are waiting for you
  • It can be inherited, so it’s time to start thinking about the future of your children and grandchildren

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