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Fee calculation of network traffic

The fees are calculated from the purchased Package and Partner’s from the two legs.

How to count of the fee of network traffic

  • the weaker foot pays until it does not exceed one third of the stronger leg
  • the stronger leg pays as a third when the lower leg above the stronger one third leg .

1. Rental fee

Power is transmitted to the SunMoney for hire as consideration paid rent on you own. (8-12% per year)

The rental fee depends on the generated energy during the recovery service and the given calculated energy amount will be published on the first working day followed by the given month on SunMoney website.

2. Fee from direct sales

The brokerage fees payable for the purchase of Direct Partners . The fee is based on a package associated with the Distributor owned brokerage fees be calculated .

The brokerage fee direct purchase of Partners BV and the extent of the value associated with the Distributor Package owned brokerage fee multiplied .

The first connection fee will be paid after the first purchased business package instead of the direct sales fees!

Start package

Your packageDirect sale fee (650 €) (650 €)
Mini10%65 €0%0 €
Basic10%65 €15%97,5 €
Silver10%65 €20%130,0 €
Gold10%65 €25%162,5 €
Platinum10%65 €33%214,5 €
V.I.P.10%65 €33%214,5 €

3. Fee for Network Sales

The fee calculated from the network sale based on the weaker and the stronger leg. The fee is based on the Distributor's Package. 

Network fees

Your packageFee paid after the network sale (11.000 €)
Basic5%550 €
Silver7,5%825 €
Gold10%1.100 €
Platinum10%1.100 €
V.I.P.10%1.100 €

4. Fee for the network lease

In the SunMoney system you can get from the leased fee, in every month, even is no one is buying a new solar panel in your network.

Network lease

Your packageFee paid after the network sale (5.000 €)
Basic5%250 €
Silver7,5%375 €
Gold10%500 €
Platinum10%500 €
V.I.P.10%500 €

Based on your related network, upon the stronger and weaker leg’s specification we calculate the rented data and the fees.The fee is calculated by your owned business packages, and it is around 5-10 % of the weaker leg.

So the system pays without any new sales and purchase also! This is what we call real passive income, as “our product’s product produce money”.

This the opportunity which makes SunMoney outstanding all over the world.

The fourth way to earn money is actually nothing more than the following:

As through you, directly or indirectly (whether by others, but by Binary Tree under you organized entities) solar cells are sold, thus increasing the cost of solar power plants "under you".

This means nothing more than that you're increasing your system’s produced electricity day after day, year after year.

The electricity is sold by SunMoney and you will get your own share from the electricity under you.