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SunMoney FAQ

How could I earn money with SunMoney?

There are two ways to earn money with SunMoney:

  1. Purchasing a performance package and receive rental fee
  2. Promoting the program and receive network fee

What is guaranteed purchase price?

Guaranteed purchase price is the price stated by the government at the installations place. From the 1st of Januar, 2016. the European Union accepted it on its regions.

Where are the solar power plants takes place?

Actually in the Central part of Hungary. The company will build new solar power plants further in other parts of the world.

Could I transmit my position to someone else?

The owned position could be sold, can be transmitted, inherited.

Why my rental fee always changes?

The measure of the monthly rental fee depends on the sunny hours. So at winter, it is less, at summer it is higher.

What is EuroBV?

BV (business volume) means the business traffic as a base of the calculated payments.

How SunMoney protects the environment?

A solar power plant with a performance of 1 MW, could release the Earth from 450 kg CO2. It is like 7 pieces of 50 year-old tree, which could accomplish the same amount of CO2.

Why I could only earn money for 25 years after my solar panel??

The manufacturer gives a 25 years Performance and Lifetime warranty. So Radalko could take responsibility for the mentioned period to produce more solar panels.

How the system calculates my network fee?

If the stronger leg is 3 times bigger than the weaker leg: You always receive the 5-7,5-10% of the weaker leg’s traffic, depending on your business package. If the difference between the two legs are less than 3 times, the stronger leg will be the base of the calculated payments and you will receive the 5-7,5-10% of the stronger leg’s traffic, depending on your business package.

What are weaker and stronger legs?

The stronger leg (sponsor leg) what you build with your sponsor. The weaker leg (payment leg) that you build and your team. This will be the base of the payments.

How is it worth to place the members in the binary system?

For building a stabilized network, You should always place the new members on the outer leg. The first one to the stronger leg (sponsor leg) second to the weaker leg (payment leg). It is advised to place the third and fourth member also and the following members to the weaker leg.

What is the subdomain in the Web office?

Every registered member who owns a business package could request a webpage on So You could add the name of the webpage by filling out the subdomain. (E.g. will be shown to contact)

What does it mean to choose the leg in the Web office?

The system places the new members at the last available place of the leg.

How could I receive the money I earned?

The members could request the transfer by filling out the “Documents/certificate sample” and sending it to Conditions of the transfer: Signed contracts arrived to Radalko “Web office/User account/Change data” is filled out properly “Web office/User account/Bank account” is filled out properly. The owner of the bank account and the user account should be the same person.

What does different accounts mean in SunMoney?

Purchase account: You could buy packages in the Web Office for the maximum limit, shown here. It is possible to upload by bank transfer or from the Bonus account.
Bonus account: At the beginning of every month, all the network fees are credited here.

We could choose at “Web office/Finances/Transfer” menu if we would like to send the selected amount of money to the Purchase account or Payment account. If we choose the Pruchase account, 100% of the selected amount will be transferred there.

If we choose the Payment account, the amount should be divisible by 10, 70% will be sent to the Payment account, 20% to the Purchase account and 10% to the charity fund.

How could I work only online with SunMoney?

SunMoney is a business which sells itself, because following the constructions no one could lose money. This is the reason, why contacting personally is not necessary. The SunMoney Educational Center provides e-mail, facebook, blog templates, webinars, videos, educational substances accessible online and additional materials. If You read these, You will we able to give certified information to your pals about SunMoney.

All this, without spending hours or long days by studying SunMoney.

Does the electricity is really cheaper produced by SunMoney community solar panels, as the companies would buy it from other place?

Yes, because Radalko Technologies Limites sign contract for long-term offering a competetive price.

What should I do, if my sponsor is not active?

We suggest to contact with the Educational Center regarding your problems and questions.(

How is it possible, that I couldn’t lose with my money investments?

If you follow the system correctly, you will receive more money from the rentals - during the rental period - than you paid in originally.

Following the system means, you pay attention on when and what business package you purchase. The business package is only contains performance in a part, the rest covers the entitlement for the future direct and network fees.

Where does the money come from, what I earn?

Money comes from the produced electricity of the solar panels, operated by SunMoney community solar plant. SunMoney sells the electricity produced by the solar panels to companies. You receive a comission monthly regarding the contract between Radalko Limited and you as mentioned in the Compensation plan as rental fee.

The base of the other charges are also paid from the sold electricity.

For who SunMoney sells the produced electricity?

SunMoney sells it to companies in long-term contracts. There are already a lot of volunteer, because SunMoney offers the eletricity for a cheap price and knows how important is environmental consious thinking for the future.

How should I pay the tax after my incomes?

Just after other income from abroad.

Why is it worth to join with 20 EUR at least?

We suggest to start with a 20 EUR solar panel, because the system couldn’t grow faster if everyone would join with a smaller amount. 20 EUR is also a small amount, it doesn’t have an effect on anyone’s budget. Following the 20 EUR system, it is advised to buy a business package soon.

Could I have more positions in SunMoney?

No. Every natural or legal person could only own one position in SunMoney system. It is not a restriction that a natural or legal person could be concerned through another legal person in SunMoney.

Why could SunMoney grow?

In one hand, because it is one of the best business opportunity, in the other hand luckily have a strong environmental consciousness. Thirdly 20% of the network commission is invested to buy new solar panels, so the system could grow even if there is no new joiner or new purchase.

If I would have some more questions, who could I ask?

You could join by registrating ( Registration is possible with invitation. If You don’t have an invitation, please write us on webpage.

Registration is free, but to earn money, you need to buy a 2 EUR performance package.

There is no commitment to buy again, in SunMoney.

If I would have some more questions, who could I ask?

All the questions could be answered by the Educational Center (

Is there a maximum amount of money to possibly earn with SunMoney?

On one position regarding the network traffic - including the fee comes from direct sales - the maximum to be earn in a month - depending on the business package - is 12.500 EUR.

This means that the rental fee doesn’t have a limitation, for the direct sales commission and network fees the maximum is 12.500 EUR.

In SunMoney, the business packages could define limitations for monthly payments, which is equal to the next business package’s price, usually, so it doesn’t mean an objective limit, because if you buy the bigger package, you will receive the bigger amount. The system examines the business package type on the last day of the month so if you buy a new package on the last day, it will calculate the share for the whole month.

What is compensation plan?

SunMoney gives advantages, beside supports you with the rental fee in addition to the conditions and provides renewable energy as well. You could find the details about this in the Compensation plan. To know them, please read it.

Briefly, there are 4 ways and sources to earn money with SunMoney:

  1. With your own solar panel for 25 years
  2. The purchases of the direct joiners invited by you (whether the time and the amount of their purchase in SunMoney, you receive a commission after all buy)
  3. From the new solar panel purchase coming from your network
  4. From the rental fee coming from your network

Why do more training plans are available?

We kept it in mind, that there are different type of people with different free time so we elaborated those business and training plans, which could reach all segments of people.

Our training plans proove that you could learn our program in a few minutes and become rich.

How could I invite my friends, pals or anyone else?

For the invitation, you will need a Web office and that you also buy a kind of package in SunMoney (even for 2 EUR). The invited should have an e-mail address.

You could invite other people by sending and invitation from your Web office, the same way as you joined. There 2 methods to join and place the members: First method: go to the Network menu in your Web office, than to Invitation submenu. Invite your first pal. He will join, if he accepts the invitation, the contracts and the rules.

 Second method: go to the Network menu in your Web office, than choose placing the member submenu so you could put the joiner to an exact place. He will join, if he accepts the invitation, the contracts and the rules.

Who could join the SunMoney?

Anyone, who regarding to his own country’s laws and UK laws is entitled to own a solar panel and build business.

There is no country or any other restriction to join.

Is it really possible to join with 2 EUR?

Yes, in SunMoney, you could buy a performance package from 2 EUR.

Which business package should I buy?

Reading the entire Compensation plan and as time passes, it is easy to decide. We offer you to buy the 150 EUR business package at least, if you feel that you could follow the SPS system and help others.

When should i buy a business package?

In case, if you want to build network and want to receive a direct sales commission or network fee.

Should I buy business package when I start or not?

You will decide that. Without business package, you will be entitled for the rental fee. If You buy a business package immediately after joining, and don’t care about SunMoney anymore, in that case it is not sure, that the invested money for the business package will come back to you as rental fee.

If You think about SunMoney seriously, you should buy a business package anyway.

How does it possible to become rich, using the SPS system, by only entering 2 other people?

The secret of the SPS system lies in its simplicity and cheapness. If everyone follows the system in a few months could earn a determining amount of money.

People can easily say yes to an environmental program, with which they could earn more money than at the beginning they invested, start-up costs 20 EUR and you don’t need to buy anything in addition if you do not want to (in this case you remain in the system).

Buying business package in the SPS system is only recommended when there is statistically expected that the purchase is definitely beneficial.

What is SunMoney Business Pro system?

SunMoney Business Pro is a little help for everyone who purposefully want to expand knowledge and speed up the earning of money.

The using of the described techniques is a good starting point especially for those who have never built a network marketing business, or have not been successful.

Each method can be applied in a personalized way. The educational center’s aim with this program, is to help all the joiners to build their business. We offer a variety of free and available online product to everyone, which could be replaced or changed optionally.

The SunMoney Business Pro program is easy to learn and practice in a few days. We recommend the understanding for those all who are studying or working, or those who do not have much time to build a network.

What is SPS system?

The SPS system based on five-steps, easy to learn by anyone.

The ccquiring takes a few minutes or hours, and 20 euros needed to start it.

Our founders intended to most widely spread environmental thinking on the world. The SPS system that actually was invented to get more people to contribute to the protection of the environment, and buy 20 euros worth of solar panels.

However, unlike some of the environmental program, the connection is not borne out your wallet, because if you just follow the system exactly, it will occur a positive account balance, while increasing the share of renewable energy in the world.

The most important difference - which we are proud of - is that you can start to build your business very simply with the SunMoney agaist most of the business opportunites.

That’s why we found out the SPS: This system is very simple and easy to understand and copy for anyone.

The SPS system actually shows you how to get extra income without much time at all. However, if you only have a few minutes or hours what you would like to spend on SunMoney, you could even be rich.

Alapítóink szándéka, hogy a világon a legszélesebb körben elterjedjen a környezettudatos gondolkodás.

What is the difference between performance and business package?

The power package entitles for a rental is SunMoney purchase the specified level of community solar power plant with a nominal capacity of 25 annual rent of.

If you purchased the performance package sure you get more money during the rental period than the money you have originally invested in the system.

The business package is actually the direct connections fees, and entitlement package for regural network sales and rental fees.

These has different possible extens, depending on the package you may receive up to 10% commission.

You could find detailed information in the compensation plan. It is enough to buy a business package once, to be entitled for the fees under the contract.

What is a community solar power plant?

Our company group has built a large solar park, operated by itself. The solar park consists of several solar power plants, and they operate in geographically different locations.

These solar parks produce electricity, which SunMoney sells with long-term contracts for the various participants in the market.

You could own performance in this expanding solar park operated by the SunMoney.

When you purchase performance, you agree to release this solar energy generated by the solar power plant for onward supply, and, return, according to the defined business rules you will get your rental fee in a monthly basis for 25 years.

This rental fee is usually between 8% -12% annually. The reason why the rental rate can not be accurately determined is that because the energy generated by the solar cells depends on the exposure value, the number of hours of sunshine.

What is SunMoney?

In simple terms, SunMoney is a risk-free business opportunity based on community solar power plant that generates money for those who are willing to build a network and also for those who just buy solar panels.

SunMoney is the business created for the green future, which was established when the founders believed that the people at the same time could do something for their environment and their future, while also reach financial independence.

The SunMoney is also a community that believes that people are able to be ethically rich.

We overed the Sun Money presentation. You have to choose between two possibility ask from me more information or you make a free account in SunMoney solar community.

Choose the freedom!