The process of purchasing packs - 5 billion - SunMoney

The process of purchasing packs

In oredr to buy the desired package, you must pay the required amount at the weboffice.

At the weboffice you should choose FINANCE/ ACCOUNT UPLOAD - MKB Bank

This is significantly cheaper than if you would pay with PayPal.

After following the required datas, start the payment with the needed amount.


Sign in to your bank, and start the transfer, as the following:

Beneficiary Name:

​SunMoney Solar GMBH
Bank account number:

Notice: Please enter your ID Number

Upon cash payment the cost is 0.87%, min. EUR 2.36, this amount has to be calculated the necessary amount when calculating!

Transfers to MKB Bank, references should choose domestic HUF transfer, implying that day so the amount will be at the office in the implying day. It sends a notification to the Company, when received.

You will find the requested amount at FINANCE/ PAYMENT ACCOUNT menu. Then,at the web store you can purchase the business package, or wattage.