This is SunMoney - 5 billion - SunMoney

This is SunMoney

A business where no one loses!

The SunMoney, is a community solar system where the purchased device continuously generates your income for 25 years!

No need to buy expensive products, your income is not based on consumption!

When you've got a real passive income, you are incited to bulid your "own" solar power plantsand it is supported by the power of community. The "Many a little makes a mickle" principle applies here, too. It can ahppen that I've just got 100W electric power, but the overall performance of the network under me can be built up even 1-5 GW. At the same time it does not claim a huge financial sacrifices from anyone.

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The solar energy during the use of renewable energies is the only one which does not impact on the environment, does not produce noise and does not emit any harmful substances. Solar energy released within 24 hours could cover of the Earth's annual energy needs several times if we could utilize it properly.


The SunMoney Community Solar Power Program show our risk-free way to earn money and make your way to financial independence. We provide free, full education for everyone. The SunMoney is a business where nobody loses. Simple business, you could build from your home as well.

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Experts, experienced business people and one of the best closing up specialist in the world was created the world's best free educational business substance. If you want to work behind the break, you can join and read it. We could also offer a solution, if there You only have a few minutes a day. Everything is free from our solutions.

Why SunMoney is unique?

  • international background, anyone can join - even from the whole world
  • 100% of home-based business, you can build the network wherever you like, you just need internet connection
  • There is not expected traffic
  • No stock needed
  • No direct sale
  • You can start with small amount ( 30,- Euro )
  • It can be done by anyone
  • Continuing growth
  • Continuing education
  • Stable legal framework and an acceptable business model
  • Real passive income

How does the solar plan produce money for you?

Whitout the sun, there is no life!

Every year 1370 kWh/m2 energy is coming from the Sun, so it is one of the best option to cover the increasd eceltricity consumption of the world. Just imagine that all the living things, from the trees in the ground to the space station orbiting above our heads uses this energy. 

If you invest into a business package (even from 2euro), then from that money they build solar parks, which are the future' untapped trend. The solar parks' energy is sold to companies or the EU buys them at a guaranteed price. In this way a monthly commission is generated for you, depending on how much solar you bought or how big team you have, or both.

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Would You left work behind or redeem Your free time?
- SunMoney, the solution.