What is SunMoney? - 5 billion - SunMoney

What is SunMoney?

A business where no one loses.

With the following presentation my goal is to give you enough information to make a responsible decision.

Business presentation

The world needs more and more energy.

Európai éjszaka

In this sector has always been a huge money, just think about the coal, oil or gas.In order to be able to participate from this, you need lots of money.

Energy sources are classified as nonrenewable if they cannot be replenished in a short period of time. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind can be replenished naturally in a short period of time.

Coal, crude oil, and natural gas are all considered non-renewable energy, but even though they give almost the whole part of the consumption, and they are very very harmful to the environment.

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.In our everyday lives more and more investments of the companies oriented toward to renewable energies.

An historic agreement to combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future was agreed by 195 nations in Paris ont he 12nd of december in 2015."

The carbon and oil-based resources industry, and in this context greenhouse effect are factors in the world economy, which should be replaced with renewable energy sources, because it is the key to the future."

Therefore, we need to find a business soultions wich is:

  • do not harm the enviroment
  • it is needed everywhere throughout the world
  • There is a continuous demand for it
  • companies and individuals are willing to pay for it as well
  • has a future
  • can be started with affordable prices
  • you have to work fo it one time
  • able to adapt to your style, and it can be done from your home
  • there is no pressure to perform
  • able to bring as much money as really makes hassle-free
  • able to produce residual income
  • which you also can join 
  • and able to join from any country from the world

Now I'm offering a business like above!

As it requires to the followings:

The Community Solar Power Program

The SunMoney Solar GmbH (registered company in the Federal Republic of Germany) could build electricity producing solar power plants on the other parts of the world, which are involved in the community solar power program under the brand name SunMoney.

After the solar power plants has been built, licensing completes successfully and electricity producing has been started, the built-in solar panels will be sold for a growing community.

SunMoney leases back the solar panels purchased by the members and operates them. After the purchased solar panels SunMoney pays rent for 25 years to the members in proportion to the energy produced (see more detailed information in the compensation plan).

The producing company gives guarantee for 25 years for the photovoltaic solar panels in SunMoney community solar power program, that is why the biggest risk factor for the participants is that the sun is shining or not. Probably the sun will shine tomorrow, and the measure of the sunshine and sun extent can be calculated on the basis of objective data.

Those solar panel owners who help the promotion of SunMoney program not only receive income after-owned solar cells by themselves but after the connected people into their network and from their rents, under certain conditions.

Anyone can join to the SunMoney program

The program does not depend on the geographical locations of the connectors or the location of solar power plants.

The product is the electricity. And the sale of the generated electricity is the company's mission not the buyers!

That makes this business so interesting. Because the company does not sell a product but „sells” a device which is capable of producing the product.

  • It is a win-win situations.
  • It is guaranteed to earn more money than than you have arrived.
  • At the solar cells there is no moving or wearing parts.
  • There is no risk, because the sun always shines.
Lipcsei naperőmű

Solar power station at Leipzig

The solar energy is the only one from renewable energy sources which has not got impact on the environment, does not produce noise and it does not emit harmful substances.

The Sunmoney is one of the most advanced Social Marketing model and one of the world's largest environmental protecting program.

Az új Apple központ

The new apple center

SunMoney Solar GMBH.

In SunMoney the Radalko Technologies Limited builts smaller and larger solar power stations, in geographically distinct locations.

In terms of solar power and performance of the lokációját SunMoney Solar GMBH for long-term energiafelvásárlásra agreement are in line firms are based.

The companies makes agreements for many years, as the generated electricity is cheaply acquired. This fact guarantees that the energy produced by the solar power plants will always be demand.

Közösségi naperőmű a Spar üzletek tetején

Community solar at the top of Spar shops

The benefits of Network Marketing of SunMoney

  • mindenki által használt termék (villamos áram) ami a cég stabilitását biztosítja
  • nincs elvárt forgalom
  • nincs közvetlen értékesítés
  • akifizetések nem az új belépőktől függnek
  • kis összeggel elkezdhető
  • otthonról is végezhető munka
  • biztos jogi háttér
  • vállalható üzleti modell
  • valódi passzív jövedelem
  • ha netán mindenki aktivitása leáll, akkor is folyamatos bevételt biztosít a megtermelt villamos energia